“Thank you for such a beautiful room. We are pleased and thrilled. I was amazed when my husband said he can’t wait for you to do another room”
– PD, Garden Grove

“Thanks for your photos and story in the (LA) Times. Our ‘Focus Groups’ (to see what people read in the paper) reported that you got great ‘reader response’ according to the Design Editor. It was the Design Secrets that did it. Thank you!”
– LO, Los Angeles

“I just had an opportunity to see the “new” York Residence and thought you would appreciate knowing that of all the efforts put into the (Design) house, I thought your work was the best. You took a room that was a complete “zero” and made into a marvelous study. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.”
– MH, San Diego

“Thank you so much for your work. It was a tremendous asset to us. We received an offer on our home within 10 days and are in escrow. You made our home look so beautiful. When I came in from our afternoon while you performed your magic…all I could say was ‘Wow! Why didn’t I do this sooner, so I could have enjoyed living here!’ I’d like for you to decorate our next home!”
– CW, Poway

“Your tasteful decorations made our home so attractive that we sold it immediately. It was very unusual in this extremely slow market. I like the concept of your business because it not only helps the seller but the agents, painter, carpenters, etc. and contributes to our economy in micro-scale. Thank You!”
– KM, Torrance & Australia

“Thank you for making our house more and more beautiful. I appreciate your expertise and your incredible good taste of Beauty!”
– JT, Lake Mission Viejo